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Fresh out of the home studio. Recorded live.


It’s SUMMERTIME and FINALLY time to put out my latest mix:  The Pineapple Party Starter.  It’s what you should put on when you’re getting ready to go out at night.  It’s not about going hard, or going in, or HAM.  But it IS about getting ready to do all of those things.

This mix is to be played as you’re pouring your first drink, opening you first beer, taking your first shot.  Yes it is.  Press play, pour a drink and start getting ready to go out and party because it’s summer in Chicago and that is what you do.

And when you’re done getting ready, call an Uber, have it take you to Citizen (364 W. Erie), grab our Liquid Chalkboard menu and ORDER The Pineapple Party Starter.  It’s a specialty cocktail we came up with.  It’s Don Julio, Blackberry Liqueur & pineapple juice with a house made Cinnamon/Sugar chili powder rim.

Bonus:  When you order the drink, you get this USB with it.  (Instgram link: https://instagram.com/p/4U7PMpLQ7S/?taken-by=dannymccambr)

It has a copy of the mix on it, along with a B-side mix called, “Same Pineapple, Different Party.”  That mix is my house style.  It’s a little extra something I made for you for different day.

I must say, I’ve never had to work as hard as I did to put these mixes out.  Spring has been NUTS at Citizen.  It’s been harder than ever to be a bar owner/DJ.  But I had 2 options:  Don’t do these mixes or work really hard and get them done.

And now you know which one I picked.

Shout out to my wife Jessica for the love and support.

Old and new friends & fam…………Cya at Citizen.





I called this latest house mix “All In Together” because that’s the vocal sample from my favorite song on it, Detox by Loco Dice.  It’s breaks down in amazing fashion at 1:04:34.  If you listened to the mix that far in my friends, that song is your reward.

Suddenly Funk by Renato Cohen was a late addition that caused a week delay of putting the mix out.  But it was worth it because that drop is…yeah.  And it wouldn’t haven’t happened without a random Sunday night in February at Primary with the people from Act Natural & The Pool House, so shout out to them because their music is great.

Other thoughts:  No house mix is really complete without something from MK.  Motez is fucking awesome.  ”We got the margarita mix.”

And I’ve been working on this mix for months.  Been playing these and a hundred house tracks in different orders, with different changes.  For months.  And finally I’m done.  And happy to take one of my mixes in this direction.  I’ve defiantly been getting burned out of playing open format, taking requests, digging so hard to string a couple new hip hop songs together before ultimately having to default to throwbacks.

I want out.  I want more house.  I can play house for days.  Not EDM.  House.  It’s got funk, soul, rhythm.  A HEARTBEAT.  So enjoy this mix and enjoy house music because you’ll see me playing more of these tracks in the year to come as I’ll be announcing some new spots I’m playing at this Spring.


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