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Latest Mix

Fresh out of the home studio. Recorded live.

Here is my latest house mix

It comes on the heels of the Red Bull Industry Sleepover at the Dana Hotel in Chicago.  It was such a privledge to be able to play house music for the people of Chicago.  So often, at the venues I play, I’m trying to get music like this in and am interrupted by pouty little girls asking me to play Top 40.

But none were present that night and none are EVER present in my home studio.  So alas, you get this Spring House Mix, 2014.

Hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed playing it.


And if you want to listen to my set from the Dana Hotel you can here it below or on my live page:


Saturday 3-7 @frontierchicago


Saturday 3-8 @suitelounge

2nd Saturdays Residency. www.suite-lounge.com

Saturday 3-15 @suitelounge

St. Paddy's Day. 9am - 2pm set

Saturday 3-15 @citizenbar

St. Paddys Day, 2pm -5pm set

Friday 3-18 @citizenbar

Charity 4 Life event. Register at www.charity4life.com

Friday 3-22 @thebedfordchi


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