Danny McCambridge

Latest Mix

Fresh out of the home studio. Recorded live.

Here is my latest house mix.

I love playing house music.  After all these years, after all the phases of Hip Hop, EDM, Dubstep I’ve gone through in music, my love for house has never decreased.  So this mix was just a joy to make.

The beginning of this mix is deep and I feel like it’s today’s sound, the kind of house we’ll be hearing this fall and winter.  I wanted to play of healthy dose of it out of the gate to get things moving. But just to stay in character I spread it out throughout the mix and sprinkled in the sounds I love such as…

My favorite tracks on this mix are Love Like No Other, Option4 & Brooklyn Heights, That Peruvian Boy.  Those are jams.  I play Brooklyn Heights all time when I’m out.  The Option4 song take a certain setting to get it but when that beat breaks down and drops all evil I get goose bumps every time.

The Jerome Robbins/Jolly Rockers song is something I would have been playing in my 1990 Ford Probe on my 10inch woofers down Castaway Lane shaking the neighbors doors.  My mom would open the garage for me as I was driving down the block because she could hear me coming.  I was so cool.

Finally, the Gorgon City Remix of Hideaway and Don’t Wanna Dance (Zimmer Remix) are songs you should go out and get and play whenever you can.  For me they’re the essence of it all, they’re pure joy to the ears.  Get them and play them.

And play the mix!



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