Danny McCambridge

Latest Mix

Fresh out of the home studio. Recorded live.

Here is my latest pop mix, called: Take it easy on the clutch

Dude I struggled with this one.

I have been working on this since February. I honestly couldn’t put it out because it had songs like Tiesto’s Red Light and that John Legend remix that the radio has BEAT TO DEATH. I had to wait for some new songs to come out so I could put an hour together. And when new ones didn’t I just went to the well of some cool new remixes of some older songs that I think still qualify as “Pop Music.”

My fave track is the Mrs. Jackson/Whole World Outkast cover mashup thing. That’s the jam. The Corona track takes 2nd place. I’m happy I got some house music in.

And some hip hop and some good old fashioned club bangers, which I hate playing but I dig remixer Elephante’s style which is why I doubled up on his tracks for this mix. And there’s some Brass Monkey happening somewhere in there which I had to do.

Finally I finished it with that Coast is Clear song from the new Skirllex album, which is bananas but ARGUBLY not as bananas as the Big Boi/A-Ha remix. I think that should actually be argued on CNN’s crossfire at some point. Someone make a call for me on that. Thanks.



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