Danny McCambridge

Latest Mix

Fresh out of the home studio. Recorded live.

So I have a folder in my library called Penguin.  It’s where I put songs that I like but don’t necesarily fit into any type of genre, or I know I’m probably not going to play them when I’m out.  But again, I dig the song, so I don’t want to lose it in the abyss of music that I download on the regular.

So it goes in the Penguin folder.

Last year I made a mix of songs mostly from that folder and I thought it turned out pretty cool so I did it again.

Coming Up Penguin is a mix that’s more about songs than it is about poignant jump off changes.  It’s about just kicking back and listening to a different type of mix.  It’s dub, it’s jazz, it’s modern hip hop, it’s classic hip hop, it’s classic rock, it’s hipster rock, it’s house, it’s 80s, it’s 90s, it’s 2000s.

It’s all of that, tied together by the work of modern producers and mixed by yours truly.  Hope you enjoy it.


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